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Blackout Blinds - Best Sleeping Aid - Magic Blackout Blind - nursery and baby, travel and portable blackout blind

Feature on Blackout Blinds. Best Sleeping Aid They say "This is an ingenious invention; a temporary magic blackout blind window covering, which you can cut to size and reuse. Keeping your room completely dark is vital, as this triggers the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin which is extremely light-sensitive and may not be produced optimally until completely dark. Order at www.magicblackout

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Magic Whiteboard celebrate 10 years Birthday on stand 516 at London Stationery Show

Magic Whiteboard celebrate their 10 year Birthday with a Magic Whiteboard cake at the London Stationery Show 2016. Come to stand 516 and get some cake and see some of our brand new products such as the Magic Cling Notes, Magic Clicky Pens/Markers and ifindyou App & Locator. 26th-27th April 2016, Business Design Centre, London. 

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When do the clocks Spring forward?

This year the clocks will go forward, signalling the start of British Summer Time (BST), on 27 March. The time change can affect the body’s circadian rhythm (the body clock that controls mood, energy levels and alertness over a 24-hour period) and can cause stress as the body struggles to adjust. Sleep specialist Dr Craig Hudson suggests behavioral, environmental and dietary changes to aid the transition, including the blessed advice to increase your consumption of carbohydrates ...

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Christmas Final Delivery 23rd Dec GUARANTEED

For orders to UK Mainland, you have up until 5pm on Wednesday 23rd December for Christmas Eve Delivery.  Any orders placed after this will be sent on Tuesday 29th and arrive on Wednesday 30th December - this is next working day! Please ring us if you have any questions on 01905 451 552.  You can still place online orders, delivery dates below :)    Orders Place on:                 ...

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Pizarra Blanca

This is a Magic Whiteboard fan called Mario who loves Magic Whiteboard so much he has written a message on this 6 pack.  He is correct in saying Magic Whiteboard will stick to any hard flat surface. It sticks to walls, windows, doors, wall paper and even your body if it is flat enough.

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Don't rely on Google – invest in languages to grow your business

Read full article It’s easy to feel intimidated by the prospect of selling in another language. According to research from the British Council, around three-quarters of British people don’t speak another language well enough to have a basic conversation, let alone sell a product or negotiate a deal. But it’s well worth getting over that language barrier. A recent report from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) found that the UK is losing out on ...

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